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What has changed?

Effective 07 December 2022, the Supervisor Framework was revised to include the additional category of Supervisor - External Joint Award (Strategic Partnership).

Effective 01 October 2020, the Graduate Research Student Supervision Policy and Procedure has been revised to clarify the rules and includes the Supervisor Framework table. The two previous existing procedures have been consolidated into a single procedure for easy access to information on roles, responsibilities and processes. The following outlines the key changes.

What are the key changes in the revised policy and procedure I should be aware of?
  • Introduction of a recognised category – Registered.
  • Accreditation levels (1, 2 and 3) removed.
  • Accreditation supervision limits consolidated to 8 main and 16 total supervisions.
  • Decision to appoint, accredit or renew accreditation of an academic will reside with your faculty.
  • The renewal of accreditation process mirrors the application process for accreditation.
What is Registration?The Registered category replaces “Provisional" for all non-accredited supervisors. All non-accredited staff/adjuncts wanting to supervise graduate research students must be registered. Review the Supervisor Framework page for further information and eligibility criteria.

I am currently a provisional supervisor

Will I automatically become Registered?No.
To become Registered, provisional supervisors will need to complete the online Registration Module. Access a quick link to the Registration module via the Training & Development page.
What happens if I don't complete the module and become registered?If you do not complete the registration module and become formally Registered, you will not be approved for a new appointment to a student's supervisor team. Your current supervisions will not be affected.
I have completed the accreditation training (GRS: Introduction to Graduate Research Supervision at Monash) as part of the old framework. Do I need to the new Registration module?Yes.
All provisional supervisors need to complete the registration module to become registered. Review the Supervisor Framework page to determine whether you should apply directly for accreditation instead.

I am an accredited supervisor

Will my accreditation be automatically rolled over to the new framework?Yes.
Your existing accreditation will be automatically transferred over to the new framework along with the original expiry date. You will be notified and prompted to complete renewal process 3 months before expiry.
I am currently permitted to supervise more than 16 students. How does this change affect me?The changes to the supervisor framework will not affect your current supervisions.
For future supervisions, a supervision limit higher than 16 graduate research students may still be available to you, subject to approval from your Associate Dean (Graduate Research) in consultation with your Head of Academic Unit.
Are there different levels of accreditation?No.
There are no levels under the new supervision framework. Supervisor limits and load have been consolidated to a single level for all accredited supervisors. Review the Supervisor Framework page for further information on supervisory load and limits for accredited supervisors.