3.1 Duration of enrolment

3.1 Duration of enrolment
3.2 Research environment
3.3 Coursework and practica
3.4 Attendance and residency for part-time and full-time enrolment
3.5 External/off-campus enrolment
3.6 Employment guidelines for part-time and full-time students
3.7 Study away
3.8 Re-enrolment
3.9 Milestones - Supporting and Monitoring Enrolment
3.10 Confirmation of candidature
3.11 Mid-candidature review
3.12 Pre-submission seminar

3.1 Duration of enrolment

The student’s PhD research project is to be conceived from the outset as clearly achievable within 3 years equivalent full time, with students expected to complete their degree within 3 to 4 years equivalent full-time.

3.1.1 Minimum length of doctoral enrolment

The minimum period of enrolment is three years of full-time or six years of part-time candidature unless the Graduate Research Committee determines otherwise. Where this minimum period is reduced, it must not be less than 12 months of full-time enrolment or the equivalent period of part-time enrolment.

In the case of a student considering transferring to Monash University from another institution, the student must be able to undertake a minimum of 12 months’ full-time equivalent research while enrolled as a University student. Otherwise, it is expected that a student remains enrolled at his/her original institution of enrolment and submit his/her thesis through that institution. Please refer to Chapter 2.4.

3.1.2 Maximum length of doctoral enrolment

The maximum period of enrolment is four years of full-time or eight years of part-time candidature. In exceptional circumstances where enrolment has been delayed by factors outside the control of the student, an extension will be approved, as per Section 8 of the Graduate Research Progress Management Procedures.

3.1.3 Duration of staff PhD and MD (unsupervised) candidature

From 28 May 2014, students will no longer be admitted into unsupervised PhD or MD (unsupervised) study programs.


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