3.11 Progress Review

3.11 Mid-candidature review

From 1 January 2015, all  milestones will be considered formal requirements, not just confirmation,  as per the Graduate  Research Progress Management Procedures coming into effect from this date.

Any student whose Mid Candidature Review is held on or after  1 January  2015 will be subject to the new Procedures, including the new panel  constitution and formal hurdle requirement.

A formal hurdle requirement  means that the student must satisfactorily achieve the requirements of the  milestone in  order to remain enrolled. A failure to meet the requirements of a  milestone means that the student is deemed to be making unsatisfactory progress,  in line with the Graduate  Research Progress Management Procedures.

Students are to refer to the Graduate  Research Progress Management Procedures for details on the requirements  of the Mid Candidature Review.  Some students are exempt from undertaking this  review – please refer to Section 1 of the Procedures for details.

3.11.1 Progress Review

Doctoral students who  commence their course of study on or after 1 January 2015 will be required to  undertake a Progress Review rather than Mid Candidature Review at 24 months  equivalent full-time.

Please note: Professional doctoral students will continue to  undertake a Mid Candidature Review irrespective of the commencement date of  their course of study.

Professional doctoral students  are to refer to Section 1 of the Procedures for  details.

Faculties may have their own specific requirements for this review, please refer to Appendix J

for further information.

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