2.9 Concurrent enrolment

2.9 Concurrent enrolment

It  should be noted that only in the most exceptional circumstances will the  Graduate Research Committee (GRC) permit students to enrol for any other  degree or diploma during their period of doctoral enrolment. Special  circumstances may be considered, for example where a student who is making  exceptional progress in the closing stages of the research program wishes to  commence a specialist professional qualification such as a teaching diploma, or  where a case can be made for the provision of complementary training in the  prospective studies.

A  detailed case supporting the request must be made to the Graduate Research  Steering Committee through the Monash Graduate Research Office. The request must have the unequivocal support of the student's  supervisors and the head of the department. Wherever possible, the case for  concurrent enrolment should be made prior to enrolment as a research student.

The  student would be expected to provide evidence of a level of academic  achievement that indicates that the studies to be undertaken will not adversely  impact on the progress of the research degree. The hours to be devoted to study  are to be included within the time allowance made for paid employment by  students. In some instances, this may preclude the student undertaking paid  employment while a concurrent enrolment arrangement is in place.

The  main supervisor and head of the department (or nominee) are responsible for  ensuring that the concurrent enrolment does not impact adversely on the  student's progress in the research degree. The impact will be monitored  through regular contact with the student and through the student's  participation in the milestones (where applicable). If progress is not  satisfactory, the approval for concurrent enrolment may be withdrawn.

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