5.2 Graduate research roles and responsibilities


5.2 Graduate research roles and responsibilities

1 Introduction

1.1 This document outlines over-arching institutional responsibilities relating to graduate research at Monash, as well as the roles and responsibilities of specific individuals and entities within the graduate research context.

1.2 It is to be read in conjunction with the Graduate Research Student Supervision Policy and Procedure, which separately outline the responsibilities of graduate research supervisors and students.

2 Institutional roles


2.1 The University is responsible for establishing and maintaining a research culture consistent with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018, developing policies and procedures applicable to all graduate research students, irrespective of the course in which they are enrolled (PhD, joint PhD, etc.) and where they are located (off-campus, off-shore etc.).

2.2 The University must:

Graduate Research Committee

2.3 The Graduate Research Committee (GRC) is constituted under the Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations.

2.4 Under the general direction of the University’s Academic Board, the GRC is responsible for the academic content of graduate research courses, ensuring that these courses align with the learning outcomes and graduate attributes specified under relevant government regulations.

2.5 Operationally, GRC is responsible for:

2.6 Strategically, GRC is responsible for:

2.7 Under delegation from the GRC, the role of the Monash Graduate Research Office within the University is to support the operational functions of the GRC as listed above, including but not limited to: issuing letters of admission and completion; processing enrolment variations and scholarship applications; and coordinating annual re-enrolment.

2.8 MGRO staff also:

2.9 Monash Graduate Research Office contact details can be found on the Monash intranet.


2.10 All graduate research students are allocated a managing faculty or institute.

2.11 Where a faculty is divided into academic units, students are enrolled into the academic unit which most closely aligns with their research or disciplinary focus.

2.12 Each Faculty must ensure it appoints an appropriately qualified Associate Dean (Graduate Research) or equivalent to provide oversight of the faculty’s graduate research student cohort and research training priorities. In the case of single-school faculties or institutes, responsibilities at faculty level and academic unit level may be the same.

2.13 Faculties play a key role in promoting the University’s responsibilities as outlined under paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 above.

Academic Unit

2.14 In accordance with the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations, academic unit is a term that encompasses a number of different entities within a faculty as follows:

2.15 Academic units are expected to:

3 Individual roles

Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs)

3.1 The Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs) chairs the Graduate Research Committee, ensuring the GRC meets its terms of reference as specified under the Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations.

3.2 Strategically, the Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs) provides leadership over academic performance, graduate research and the alignment of the University’s institutes and centres.
Academic Director, Monash Graduate Research Office

3.3 The Academic Director is deputy chair of the Graduate Research Committee, providing academic leadership over the day-to-day operations and activities of the Monash Graduate Research Office, including, but not limited to, decision-making relating to complex student matters and cases, and supervisor accreditation, re-accreditation, training and supervision over-load applications.

3.4 The Academic Director is also convenor of the GRC Steering Committee and chairs other sub-committee or working groups of the GRC as required.

Faculty Associate Dean (Graduate Research) or equivalent

3.5 Operationally, the Associate Dean (Graduate Research):

3.6 Strategically, the Associate Dean (Graduate Research):

3.7 Contact details of Faculty Associate Deans (Graduate Research) can be found on the Monash Graduate Research Office intranet.

Head of academic unit

3.8 Either directly or via delegation to an academic staff member within the academic unit  - for example, to the Graduate Research Coordinator/Program Director – the head of academic unit must ensure that students are appropriately inducted into their course in accordance with Monash’s OH&S Policy and procedures and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018.

3.9 Contact details of heads of academic units can be found on the Monash Graduate Research Office intranet.

3.10 In relation to the admission of graduate research students, the head of academic unit must be satisfied that Monash’s Admission Standards and Criteria have been met and that the academic unit is able to provide the student with sufficient research facilities and equipment for their research, based on the following recommended minimum standards:

3.11 In relation to supervisors, the head of academic unit:

3.12 When considering endorsing a supervisor for appointment to a student’s supervisory team, the head of academic unit will consider the following:

Graduate Research Coordinator

3.13 The head of academic unit may undertake the functions of the Graduate Research Coordinator directly, or delegate all or part of these functions to another academic staff member within the academic unit.

3.14 It is common practice for the Graduate Research Coordinator to be someone other than the head of academic unit.

3.15 Depending upon the specific configuration of the academic unit, the role of Graduate Research Coordinator may include the responsibilities of a Program Director, who provides overall academic leadership to a Monash Doctoral Program. It may also be held by the Associate Dean (Graduate Research) or equivalent in institutes or single-school faculties.

3.16 Contact details of Graduate Research Coordinators/Program Directors can be found on the Monash Graduate Research Office intranet.

3.17 In relation to governance matters, the Graduate Research Coordinator:

3.18 In relation to operational matters, the Graduate Research Coordinator:

3.19 In relation to student well-being, the Graduate Research Coordinator:

Supervisors and students

3.20 Roles and responsibilities of supervisors and students are outlined in the Graduate Research Student Supervision Policy and Procedure.

3.21 The main supervisor must be from the same academic unit in which the student is enrolled, unless otherwise approved by the Graduate Research Committee under exceptional circumstances.

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