Chapter 4: Changes to enrolment


4.2 Extension of enrolment

Refer to the current Monash  University (Academic Board) Regulations for provisions for the maximum duration  of enrolment

Requests  by a student for an extension to their thesis submission date will be  considered only in exceptional circumstances where the student's research has  been delayed by circumstances beyond their control (e.g. equipment breakdown,  delays in ethical approval of research, etc.) and there is clear evidence that  the student is committed and actively progressing towards completion. Students  are to refer to Section 8 of the Graduate Research Progress Management Procedures for details.

Please note: International fee-paying students should note that any  extension to the thesis submission may result in additional course  fees, for which they are liable.

Applications  for extension  should be submitted on the  appropriate Application  for Extension to Thesis Submission Date  Form (Monash  only).

Please note:  The Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) will not approve backdated variation requests.

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