Chapter 4: Changes to enrolment


4.5 Withdrawal in Good Standing

Students withdrawing from their research  program should consider the impact of that withdrawal in relation to any  enrolled coursework unit/s. Before applying to withdraw, students should check  any key dates to avoid academic and financial penalties.

If a student's withdrawal application is approved, any current coursework unit enrolment/s  will be discontinued. Depending upon when this withdrawal is applied for, one  of the following scenarios applies:

  • If a student withdraws  before the census date, any enrolled units will have the status of "Withdrawn  early". An exception is "Withdrawn no load", which applies to some teaching  periods.
  • If a student withdraws after  the census date but before the withdrawn fail date, any enrolled units will  have the status of 'Withdrawn Late'.
  • Where a student withdraws  after the withdrawn fail date, any enrolled units will show 'Withdrawn  Fail'.

Any student considering withdrawal from  his/her research program should discuss with the supervisor(s), Graduate Research  Coordinator or head of the academic unit any difficulties he/she is facing to  ensure that all options are considered.

Students who do not wish to continue with  their research program are required to notify Monash University of their  intention to withdraw, by way of a signed letter, an email or by completing  a Changes to Enrolment/Scholarship form (Monash only) and  submitting it to Monash Graduate Education (formerly MIGR) for approval purposes. Students with a coursework component in their  degree must obtain faculty approval for any applicable coursework amendments,  prior to submitting the application to Monash Graduate Education.

Please note:  The Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) will not  approve backdated variation requests. Students who wish to be  re-admitted into the course of study from which they withdraw in good standing  at a later date are to refer to the current Monash  University (Academic Board) Regulations and the Graduate Research  Re-admission Procedures.

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