Chapter 10: Facilities and services

10.1 Monash Graduate Education (formerly MIGR)

Monash Graduate Education is located on the ground floor of Chancellery Building D, 26 Sports Walk, Monash University, Clayton. The counter office hours are:

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Students on the other Australian campuses are welcome to contact Monash Graduate Education by telephone or email (see Section 11.1 for contact details).

For contact points for students on the Malaysian and South African campuses, see Section 11.5.

For students at Monash University Malaysia, the relevant School Research Office is the direct contact point. For further information, please refer to the Monash University Malaysia website.

Research students at Monash South Africa should contact the relevant academic unit first to discuss the research proposal and possible supervision, and will then be referred by the academic unit to the Research Portfolio to assist with the application and enrolment processes. The academic unit is responsible for academic matters and the Research Portfolio for administrative arrangements regarding application and enrolment. 

Contact details are provided in Chapter 11.

10.1.1 Facilities Monash Graduate Research Centre

The Monash Graduate Research Centre (Chancellery Building E) is located immediately to the north of the Monash Staff Club and adjacent to Monash Graduate Education  at the Clayton campus. The Centre provides short term office facilities for current graduate research students and was extensively refurbished in 2012.

The Centre office facilities comprise a small number of two-person share offices for those in the final stages of thesis preparation, combined with a mix of modern, open plan workspace options. The Centre also has "Day Desks" that can be booked online, a small computer laboratory and in-house IT technical support.

The recent refurbishment has seen the introduction of a state of the art video conference/tutorial room, and two small breakout/meeting rooms that are used for the graduate research skills training programs and by students after hours.

The Centre has a generous, well-equipped lounge and social space which promotes a collegial atmosphere in which students can pursue their individual research projects and also participate in a range of social, cultural and intellectual activities with other research graduates from a variety of disciplines. More information on the Graduate Research Centre can be found here (Monash only). Facilities at Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa has a dedicated space in the Library for research students to work, discuss, reflect and think without interruptions. The space also includes a kitchenette and lockers.

Monash South Africa also offers a Postgraduate Development Programme. This Programme was developed to enable Monash South Africa to offer a differentiated graduate experience to its scholars while simultaneously producing well-balanced scholars who will contribute towards the development of southern Africa. Enquiries about this Programme can be directed to the Research Coordinator. Programme information is also available on the research website. This Programme is revised on an annual basis according to the needs of research students.

The Library offers a specialised range of services to help students find, use and manage information effectively. Library staff can assist with resource discovery, analysis and use; data management; essay, report and thesis writing; and oral presentation skills. The Library has extensive print and online resources including access to the fully digitised Monash University periodical and serials collection. Students also have access to the document delivery service through which material not available at Monash University can be requested. Library staff also understand the scholarly publishing process and can recommend the most useful resources for students and assist with keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in your field. The Library has generous loan entitlements and offers an Interlibrary Loan service. Monash University Library facilities (Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus)

Graduate research students have access to a study room on level 1. Students must register for a pin code at the Library's information point. Computer workstations and printing facilities are available for use. Lockers are available for booking and can be used for one semester. Students must apply for a key at the information point.

Individual study rooms (32 in total) are also available to HDR students, within the Library. These rooms can be booked for a semester by presenting the student ID card at the information point.

For more information about all Monash Libraries, refer to the website, or contact the Library on +61 3 9905 5054 or via

10.1.2 Graduate Researcher Development

Monash Graduate Education recognises the importance of generic and transferable skill development for our graduate research students. Students of today need a range of additional skill sets from leadership and project management through to the development of advanced communication skills and the use of social media.

Monash Graduate Education anticipates considerable growth in the research graduate skills training programs over the next year or two in line with the introduction of a compulsory coursework/skill development component into the graduate research degrees. This expansion aims to enhance the employability of our graduates in both the academic and professional job markets, both locally and internationally.

More information on skills training programs for graduate research can be found here.

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