3.3 Attendance 


3.3 Attendance for part-time and full-time enrolment

The Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) will not approve backdated variation requests.

3.3.1 Level of enrolment:  part-time or full-time

The student’s academic unit and the delegate of the Graduate Research Committee need to be satisfied that prospective and current students have sufficient time available during the week to devote to their research, as well as complete any mandatory program requirements (coursework or professional development activities), and participate in relevant academic activities.

The duration of the academic year for graduate research students is 48 weeks with 4 weeks’ annual leave (pro rata for part-time students).

There may be restrictions on students enrolling part-time enrolment due to course requirements as published in the University Handbook, or if the student is a recipient of a scholarship that is subject to the University’s RTP Scholarship Procedures.

International students on Australian student visas must enrol on a full-time basis unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances, defined as personal circumstances that:

  • are involuntary and outside your control, such as medical, family, or wellbeing reasons, and
  • present you with limited or no choice but to take leave from your studies.

International students enrolled through other campuses (such as Monash University Malaysia) should contact their faculty for advice prior to submitting an application for part-time enrolment. Full-time enrolment

Full-time enrolment requires the student to devote at least 4 days each week between Monday to Friday inclusive and during normal business hours on each of those days, to the pursuit of their study program. Part-time enrolment

In order to undertake part-time enrolment, a student must be able to devote at least 2 days each week to their study program, where at least one of these days is between Monday and Friday inclusive, and during  normal business hours on each of those days.

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