3.4 External (off-campus) enrolment

3.4 External (off-campus) enrolment

  1. Students enrolled via external mode are required to complete all progress milestones and course requirements as set out in the University Handbook.
  2. The decision to approve an application for external enrolment resides with the Graduate Research Committee (GRC) or its delegate.
  3. Approval of external enrolment may be subject to any conditions that the Graduate Research Committee (or its delegate) thinks fit.
  4. Backdated variation requests will not be approved.

    3.4.1 Applying for external enrolment

  5. Applicants who are not currently enrolled in a Monash graduate research degree apply for external enrolment via the online application portal.
  6. Applicants who are currently enrolled in a Monash graduate research degree apply for external enrolment via the application for attendance variation form.
  7. All applicants must discuss and develop a study plan with the main supervisor, outlining how all course requirements will be met, including, but not limited to:
    • A schedule outlining how they will maintain regular contact with their supervisors and undertake any required academic unit seminars/activities; and
    • Progress milestones; and
    • Mandatory practica or industry or research internships (where applicable).

    3.4.2 Academic unit / faculty assessment

  8. The academic unit (and the faculty where the application is received at admission into the course) must assess the application for external enrolment on a case-by-case basis, and confirm that:
    • The course has been approved to offer external enrolment; and
    • If approved for external enrolment, the course allows for external enrolment at the applicant’s stage of enrolment in the course (some courses only permit external enrolment after completion of specific requirements – refer to the University Handbook); and
    • The applicant will have access to the research facilities and resources required to successfully undertake the student’s research project, including supervisory arrangements, for the full duration of their external enrolment; and
    • Where the applicant’s research involves a thirty party – for example, the student is involved in a collaborative research project involving another party either in Australia or overseas - that:
      • The applicant will be provided with the training and supervision necessary for their project to be conducted in a manner that, so far as reasonably practicable, is safe and without risks to the health of the student; and
      • The applicant is provided with training in relevant emergency, safety and evacuation procedures where required, and has access to counselling and other appropriate ancillary support services; and
      • A valid agreement is in place prior to the applicant commencing their research.

    3.4.3 Restrictions on applying for external enrolment

  9. External enrolment in a graduate research degree is generally not available when the intended off-campus research location is within daily commuting distance of the campus of enrolment.
  10. External enrolment in a graduate research degree is generally not available to international students studying in Australia on an Australian student visa.
  11. In the event that an international student in Australia on an Australian student visa is approved to enrol via external enrolment mode, their:
    • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be cancelled by Monash University.
    • Student visa may be cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs and they must not remain in Australia from the date their external enrolment comes into effect.
  12. External enrolment in a graduate research degree is not available to students enrolled in a graduate research degree (higher degree by research) at Monash University campuses and teaching locations outside Australia.
  13. Students should refer to the University Handbook for information on whether their enrolled course permits external enrolment.
  14. Students who are in receipt of a scholarship that falls within the scope of the RTP Scholarship Procedures will only be approved to enrol via external mode under limited circumstances. Refer to the RTP Scholarship Procedures for details.