3.5 Employment guidelines

3.5 Employment guidelines

3.5 Employment guidelines for part-time and full-time students

Student who are enrolled full-time are expected to commit 4 days per week  (pro-rata part-time students, 2 days) to their research project and course/study requirements including any supervisory team meetings.  This is required over a 7-day calendar week, recognising the need for flexibility in working/research training arrangements.

Students must work with their supervisors to determine an appropriate study and work schedule. Where a student is undertaking paid employment/work outside their study program, they must ensure that there is no detrimental impact on their research progression.

Students, either full- or part-time in receipt of any form of scholarship must ensure that any employment commitments are not in breach of the conditions of their scholarship award.

International students on a student visa must ensure that any employment is not in breach of any visa conditions that they are required to comply with.