Chapter 3: Conditions of enrolment

3.9 Coursework and practica

3.9.1 Coursework Required coursework

Some masters by research degrees require the completion of coursework units. The purpose of this coursework is to broaden the student's knowledge base while also supporting them to develop the research skills necessary to undertake their research.

Students are normally expected to complete this coursework at the commencement of their course of study. For full-time students, this means undertaking the coursework in their first semester; for part-time students, it means undertaking the coursework in the first year of enrolment (i.e. across two semesters).

Students should discuss the selection of specific coursework units with their main supervisor prior to enrolment in the units. Where there is a choice of units available, students should not select any that have been previously completed in any other course.

The following degrees include required coursework: Program requirements in research master's degrees

Students enrolled in some research master's degrees in 2013 and 2014 included program requirements such as coursework and training activities.

For further information, students who commenced their enrolment in 2013 should refer to the 2013 University Handbook. Students who commenced their enrolment in 2014 should refer to the 2014 University Handbook.Where students are enrolled in coursework components they are required to achieve a minimum of a distinction average in the relevant coursework units if they wish to transfer to a PhD. Any required coursework or training activities must be completed successfully before the thesis is dispatched to the examiners for assessment. The examiner will be advised that these components have been satisfactorily completed. Enabling units and masters by research degrees

A student may be required to enrol in one or more coursework units in addition to what may be required of their course of study where their supervisors and Program Director / Graduate Research Coordinator consider these necessary to enable the student to carry out the proposed program of research. All such coursework units are referred to as enabling coursework units, in contrast to required coursework units that are an integral part of a number of masters by research degrees.

For students enrolled in an 18 month masters by research, no more than 24 credit points of coursework, including both enabling and required coursework, may be undertaken. For students in a 24 month masters by research, no more than 32 credit points of coursework may be undertaken. Enrolment in enabling coursework is to be approved only in exceptional circumstances, where clear academic justification and merit is demonstrated in relation to the student's research project.

At commencement, students apply to undertake both required and/or enabling coursework units via the Course Enrolment Form which is sent to them as part of their letter of offer.

Following commencement, students apply via the Adding or Discontinuing Coursework Units form, which must be endorsed by their main supervisor and approved by the relevant Program Director / Graduate Research Coordinator.