2.3 Credit provision for research master’s degrees

2.3 Credit provision for research master’s degrees

Credit applications and assessments are governed by the University’s Admission and Credit Policyand its associated Credit Procedure.

Applications for credit are to be made via the Credit Application Form.

A student can apply for credit at the time of admission or at any time while enrolled in the course. Students can receive credit on the basis of learning completed before commencing at Monash, or during their enrolment.

Credit will not be granted towards a thesis or alternative research component, as per the current Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations.

However, students may build upon work undertaken in their honours thesis or research project undertaken as part of a coursework masters course, providing that the resulting thesis or dissertation meets AQF level 10 criteria.

Students should consult with the Graduate Research Coordinator (or equivalent) of the Academic Unit of enrolment for further information. Faculty contact list can be found here.