Chapter 2: Admission to research master’s enrolment


2.4 Transfer

A student can apply for a transfer if they want to change from one Monash graduate research degree to another.

A student can only transfer between the same course type (e.g. from a research degree to another research degree) and only if they have not completed their current course. If a student wishes to complete their current course or wish to enrol in another course, they will need to apply for a new admission. A student who has transferred to a research master's degree from a doctoral degree is required to complete the master's degree in which he/she enrols, before seeking re-admission to a doctoral degree.

2.4.1 Eligibility requirements

The minimum eligibility requirements for a course transfer include:

1. being a current Monash student (you must maintain your enrolment), and
2. meeting the minimum admissions requirements for the new course, and
3. the ability to undertake a minimum 12 months of full time enrolment in the new course, and
4. Performing at an appropriate level in your current course.

2.4.2 Prior Candidature

Where a student transfers from one graduate research program to another (at the same level), within the same area of research, the total period of research within the prior degree (minus any approved leave) will be considered as prior candidature.

In this case, the full-time equivalent duration available to complete the new degree will be reduced and all relevant milestone and thesis submission dates will be amended accordingly.

2.4.3 Minimum duration

Students will only be admitted where they are able to undertake a minimum 12 months of full time equivalent enrolment in the new degree.

2.4.4 Course Requirements

Students whose application to transfer has been approved are expected to undertake the course requirements relevant to the degree into which they are transferring, unless credit has been granted by the Program Director/Graduate Research Coordinator and/or Graduate Research Committee. See section 2.3.

Students should discuss the course requirements with their supervisor and/or graduate research coordinator before commencing the application process.

2.4.5 Transfer from a PhD to a Research Masters

Doctoral students may, under certain circumstances, transfer their research to a master's program. The student should first discuss this option with his/her supervisor(s) and head of the academic unit. If a transfer to a master's program is recommended, the student must contact the faculty office to apply to be formally admitted into the master's program.

2.4.6 Admission to Monash from another institution

Where a student from another institution (external), wishes to apply for admission to Monash, the student must apply as a new admission and is required to provide Monash with their enrolment details from the previous Higher Education Provider (HEP).

Students on a RTP Fees Offset and/or RTP Stipend at the previous Higher Education Provider (HEP) will be assessed in accordance with the University's RTP Scholarship Policy and procedures. Prior candidature (2.4.2), minimum duration (2.4.3) and course requirements (2.4.4) apply.

2.4.7 Readmission to a degree

If you were previously enrolled in a graduate research course at Monash and you wish to be re-admitted into that course, you will need to re-apply for a place at Monash. If your course or course version is no longer offered, you will need to apply for new admission into a course that is offered.

Applications for re-admission into the same degree are subject to the provisions as outlined in the Graduate Research Re-Admission Procedures. Prior candidature (2.4.2), minimum duration (2.4.3) and course requirements (2.4.4) apply.

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