Chapter 2: Admission to research master’s enrolment

2.6 Application procedures

All research degree and  scholarship applications at Monash are handled via a single online application  form available at

New enrolment applications may be submitted throughout the year. Applications for  scholarships, however, must be submitted in accordance with the application closing dates.

Research master's  students with a skills training or coursework component must normally  commence the degree on the date specified by their faculty.  Research master's students with no skills  training or coursework component may commence the degree at any time of the  year.

Applicants are encouraged  to:

  1. check their eligibility;
  2. find a potential supervisor who could supervise a research project proposed by the applicant (most research master's students are required to have two supervisors);
  3. complete and submit the online application.

All of the following  information must be provided before consideration can be given to an  application:

  • officially certified transcripts of the applicant's academic record,  including full details of all complete and incomplete course attempts and  grades obtained;
  • details of published papers, if any;
  • details of any experience since graduation that is relevant to the  proposed field of research;
  • in the case of applicants for whom English is not their first language,  documentary evidence of English proficiency; and
  • evidence of any government financial support or other scholarship  offered to the applicant.

The general  field of study, supervision arrangements and the availability of requisite  resources and facilities should be discussed thoroughly with the prospective  student before the academic unit forwards the application to the relevant  faculty office for endorsement.

If appropriate supervision and resources can be provided by the academic unit  to suitably qualified applicants, the application will be approved by the head  of the relevant academic unit and then forwarded to the Graduate Studies  Committee of the relevant faculty. All research master's applications must  receive faculty endorsement before transmission to the Graduate Research Committee (GRC) for consideration. In all cases, GRC will  need to be assured that the prospective student meets the eligibility  criteria and that suitable facilities and effective supervision are available  for the duration of enrolment.

2.6.1 Australian Sanctions Compliance Policy

Further details.