Chapter 2: Admission to research master’s enrolment

2.8 Commencement

2.8.1  Commencement date

The commencement date is specified on the offer of admission. Applicants who have accepted their offer of admission are required to enrol within ten (10) working days from the commencement date.

Please note:

  • In order to enrol, applicants must have met any conditions specified in their offer of admission.
  • At the time of enrolment, the applicant's commencement date may be adjusted to match the date on which they are enrolled.

2.8.2  Change of commencement date

Applicants who have accepted their offer but cannot enrol within ten (10) working days of the commencement date, must apply for a change of commencement date, otherwise the offer may lapse (see 2.8.3). Approved applicants will be issued new offer which replaces any previous offer.


  • An offer can be deferred for a maximum period of 12 months in total, from the initial commencement date. Monash makes no warranty or promise that a further offer will be made.
  • If you met the English Language Proficiency requirements via an English Language test, the test must still be valid at the proposed commencement date, otherwise you will need to undergo a further test.
  • Supervision and resources, approved during assessment of your application, will need to be re-confirmed by the Faculty.
  • If you have received a packaged offer (e.g. English Bridging Program/PhD) please contact to discuss your options, before submitting requesting a change of commencement date.
  • If you are in receipt of a Monash Scholarship, please review the relevant  Scholarship Policy and Procedures for details regarding allowable deferral periods.

2.8.3 Lapsed Offer

Where an applicant who has received an offer has not enrolled within ten (10) working days after the commencement date (see 2.8.1), the offer of admission will lapse, unless the applicant has sought and been granted a change of commencement date.