Academic dress

Hiring academic dress

Your graduation fee includes academic dress hire. When your eligibility to attend a ceremony is confirmed, we'll email you instructions to register your gown selection. Make sure you do this right away so you'll have the correct size gown ready for collection on your graduation day. Coursework graduates get to keep their trencher cap after the ceremony.

For collection and return details, see what to do on the day.

Buying your academic dress

If you wish to purchase your academic dress, please contact the service team at GFP Graduations, the approved provider of Monash University academic dress.

Phone: 1300 360 445 (from within Australia)

If enquiring from outside Australia, please email and the team will phone you as needed.

When to buy or hire your academic dress

Coursework students

If attending a graduation ceremony at Clayton, you’ll receive an email in the 4-6 weeks before your graduation ceremony with a link to the GFP portal to arrange academic dress hire or purchase. You’ll then collect your hired or purchased academic dress on the day of your ceremony.

If you're attending a ceremony in Malaysia, you can buy academic dress in the four weeks before your ceremony to allow for shipping to you in time to wear to your ceremony.

If you’re graduating in absentia (without attending), you can hire or receive your purchased academic dress after the end of the graduation round in which you’re graduating.

Graduate Research students

You can hire or buy academic dress after conferral, or via the link the GFP portal email in the 4-6 weeks before attending a graduation ceremony (similar to coursework student information above), whichever you prefer. For hire or purchase arranged through the GFP portal, you’ll collect your academic dress on the day of your ceremony.

What to wear on the day

Because a graduation ceremony is a formal occasion, it's best to dress as if you're attending a business interview. The graduation gown is a three-quarter-length robe that drapes open at the front, so your clothes will be visible. Make sure your footwear allows you to walk up and down a few flights of stairs.

You'll be wearing a hood or stole with your academic gown. The hood has a button loop to keep it in place so you should wear a shirt or blouse with a button (or sew a button on your top).

Award level style of dress

Bachelor level academic dress


Diploma level academic dress


Masters level academic dress


Doctorate level academic dress


Faculty colours

All examples are shown as a diploma stole.

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture academic dress. Colour: spectrum orange

Art, Design and Architecture

(Spectrum orange)

Faculty of Arts academic dress. Colour: old rose


(Old rose)

Faculty of Business and Economics academic dress. Colour: Peacock green

Business and Economics

(Peacock green)

Faculty of Education. Colour: Banana



Faculty of Engineering. Colour: rose beige


(Rose beige)

Faculty of Information Technology. Colour: spectrum green

Information Technology

(Spectrum green)

Faculty of Law. Colour: white



Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Colour: Victrix blue

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

(Victrix blue)

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Colour: buttercup

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Faculty of Science. Colour: primrose



The gown is a three-quarter length robe with full-length, flowing sleeves and drapes open at the front. Your clothing will be visible, so you should wear something appropriate for a formal occasion.

The hood represents the cowl worn by monks to cover the head and shoulders. The Monash hood is turquoise with the edging and trimmings identifying the faculty and award. It has a button loop to attach to your clothing to keep the hood in place.

If you're graduating with a double degree, you'll wear the colour of your managing faculty.

A trencher cap is worn by all graduates except doctorates. The cap is worn flat or horizontal with the tassel down over the left eye.

A bonnet is worn by doctorates. This is made of black velvet, trimmed with peony red or gold cord and tassels.

The Indigenous stoles acknowledge the cultural heritage and history of the Indigenous people of Australia. They are reflective of both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

Indigenous students and staff have the option to wear an Indigenous stole. You can enter your preference when you apply to graduate.

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Academic dress for staff

Staff can hire academic dress to wear at graduation ceremonies.

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