Course completion

After your results are released, your faculty will need to mark you as course completed (this is not the same thing as finishing your course).

Why you need to be course completed

You need to be course completed before:

  • we can process your application to graduate
  • your transcript will show a complete record of your marks and grades
  • you can buy a proof of qualification letter.

How it works

Your faculty will need to:

  • finalise your marks
  • check you’ve met all the requirements of your course (e.g. that you have successfully completed all the required units).

If you’ve met all the requirements, they will then mark you as course completed.

Course completion can take a few days, but the time varies depending on the faculty. Usually, you should be course completed within 10 days of results release. If you aren’t course completed within that time, and you think there might be a problem, get in touch with your faculty.

Checking course completion status

You can check your course completion status in Chat 365 – it only takes a moment, but you’ll need to log in with your Monash student account first.

Course completion check

What happens if you don’t get course completed

If you haven't been course completed, this may be because you failed a unit or you didn’t take all the units needed to complete your course. In this case, we’ll email you to let you know that your graduation application will be automatically deferred to the next ceremony round. This gives you a chance to take the failed or missing units in the next teaching period.

Alternatively, you may be able to graduate by accepting a lower award – see graduating with an alternative exit.

Once you’re course completed

After you’ve been course completed, you can:

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