Graduate without attending a ceremony (in absentia)

You can choose to graduate without attending a ceremony – this is called graduating in absentia. Your award will still be conferred at a graduation and you'll receive your award certificate (testamur) later.

Graduating in absentia is offered in Australia and Malaysia, and there's no fee.

When to apply

Even if you choose to graduate in absentia, you still need to apply to graduate. Explore your options and check the application dates and deadlines at apply to graduate.

Applying late

If you apply after the application closing date, your application will be moved to the next eligible graduation round. Your award certificate and digital graduation documents won't be available until after that time.

An application for in absentia graduation might be accepted after the application closing date. This is at the discretion of the graduation unit and a late graduation fee will apply.

If you don't apply

If you don’t apply to graduate, you won't have access to your hard copy award certificate (testamur) and official digital graduation documents.

Coursework students

Once you're qualified to graduate, we'll email you at least twice to remind you to apply to graduate.

If you don't apply within a year or so of qualifying to graduate, we'll create an application on your behalf for an upcoming round, to graduate in absentia. We’ll email you to let you know we’ve done so, and provide you with the following options:

Please ensure your personal email address is up-to-date in WES, so you receive our email.

How to receive your documents

For information on receiving your award certificate and other documents, see how to receive your documents.

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