15 November 2019Hazelwood Health Study: Years 6 to 7
15 July 2019Lung function and asthma impacts
20 May 2019Gestational diabetes increased in women exposed to mine fire smoke
19 March 2019While most students have 'moved on', some are reporting ongoing issues associated with the Hazelwood mine fire
23 January 2019Respiratory and psychological symptoms are lasting effects of the Hazelwood coal mine fire
11 December 2018Ambulance call outs increased during mine fire
29 October 2018First findings focusing on children's lung and blood vessel health released
2 October 2018'Our Hopes for the Future of Morwell' exhibition on show at Mid Valley
6 September 2018Hazelwood Health Study completes an investigation of the impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire on a specialist school which relocated during the smoke event
14 August 2018Engage with the Hazelwood Health Study
19 May 2019When and where to see the 'Our Hopes for the Future of Morwell' Exhibition
14 May 2018Morwell exhibition to be showcased at Parliament House
4 May 2018Hazelwood Health Study completes first round of heart health testing in Morwell
10 April 2018Coal mine fire-related air pollution increased health service use, study finds
26 March 2019Health study completes lung function assessments in Sale
16 March 2019Hazelwood Health Study meet and greet
1 February 2018First findings focusing on mother and baby health released
24 January 2018 Lung health study underway in Sale
24 January 2018Heart health study underway in Morwell
13 December 2017Hazelwood Health Study reaches lung function testing goal
13 December 2017Hazelwood Health Study closing in on assessment target
11 December 2017The role of social media during the Hazelwood mine fire
20 November 2017Call for new Community Advisory Committee members
9 November 2017Exhibition to showcase hopes for the future of Morwell
7 November 2017Hazelwood Health Study to thank Latrobe Valley families
23 October 2017Hazelwood Health Study to begin heart and blood tests
12 October 2017Students needed for Hazelwood Health Study research
3 October 2017Engage with the Hazelwood Health Study
19 September 2017Hazelwood study completes baseline cancer analysis
15 September 2017Hazelwood Health Study lung function tests continue
4 September 2017Hospital admissions increase during Hazelwood mine fire
4 September 2017Hazelwood Health Study releases first findings from Adult Survey
17 August 2017Hazelwood Health Study honoured for research excellence
9 August 2017Hazelwood Health Study begins lung assessments
28 June 2017Study releases key findings on the psychological impacts of the mine fire on school students
8 June 2017Latrobe Valley children helping the next generation
9 November 2016Deadlines approaching for Hazelwood Health Study Adult Survey