Pillars in action – Mind

Protect and sustain mental health

At its core, good mental wellbeing is a healthy way of thinking, feeling and creating meaningful relationships. It’s a vital foundation that supports prosperous and socially cohesive communities. As a result of the pandemic, never before has there been a time to protect and sustain mental health in our community and workplaces.

The actions we're taking:

Empower staff to maintain and protect their cognitive and mental health through new, innovative digital tools and resources.

  • Monash staff will have access to a co-designed suite of digital technologies that will allow them to better understand, monitor and manage their own mental health and wellbeing.
  • A suite of digital cognitive health tools will also be developed to promote focus, alertness and decision-making at work.
  • Staff will have access to an online resource portal and linked smartphone application that will be regularly reviewed and customised to respond to the unique and changing needs of staff.

Revitalise our mental health services to create greater uptake and peer promotion.

  • The tele-mental health services of Monash Counselling will be more widely promoted and will continue to be offered as an alternative to actual in-person sessions.
  • The Monash Employee Assistance Program will be revitalised to provide a greater awareness of mental health services available for staff.
  • Annual staff surveys, focus groups and anonymous system reports will generate data on uptake of these newly revitalised services.

Expand awareness of cognitive and mental health through innovative, evidence-based training.

  • Mental health literacy training will be expanded and made freely available for all staff.
  • Peer-to-peer networks to support and discuss cognitive and mental health will be expanded across all campuses.
  • Cognitive and mental health resources will be embedded into staff induction and professional development programs (e.g mindfulness and resilience).
  • Information will be promoted through our workplaces, including all teaching venues and lecture theatres, to maximise awareness of mental health resources at Monash.
  • A proposed new annual event - ‘Thrive week’, incorporating ‘R U OK? Day’ – will solidify these efforts.