Pillars in action – Nutrition

Eating well is key to a healthy lifestyle

It corresponds with good mental health - especially mood - by providing the necessary fuel to juggle our daily lives. At Monash, we are committed to providing easy access to nutritious and healthy foods on all campuses and fostering a diverse and vibrant food environment.

The actions we're taking:

Foster a healthy food environment across campus through greater visibility and awareness.

  • Expand communication capabilities and reach more staff with information about Nutrition’s ongoing and novel initiatives (e.g Smart Eating Week, Try for 5).
  • Promote Monash retailers who demonstrate best practice (through awards and recognition).
  • Refresh food labelling practices at Monash retailers to provide transparency and increase the visibility of healthy options at point of purchase.
  • Establish and promote a widespread healthy lunch specials program with loyalty rewards.
  • Equip Wellbeing Champions at Monash with further evidence-based nutrition training to highlight its importance to various facets of health (e.g mental and physical health).
  • Develop regular online seminars (e.g ‘food and mood’ and ‘food and sustainability’).

Lead Monash retail innovation and champion retailers proactively prioritising health and wellbeing.

  • Implement a new digital point-of-sale system to empower Monash retailers and provide:
    • time-sensitive feedback on wellbeing and sustainability metrics.
    • greater financial oversight and audit efficiency.
    • empowering retailers to be healthy food champions by providing them data-driven insights garnered through the new point-of-sale system.
  • Advocate for the establishment of a new retail liaison role to actively engage and support Monash retailers with food hygiene, nutrition and promotions.
  • Advocate for ongoing benefits (e.g rental discounts and subsidies) for retailers who actively collaborate with Nutrition and demonstrate genuine commitment to campus health and wellbeing through compliance with Monash healthy food procedures.

Collaborate widely across the University to determine the impact of new initiatives.

  • Establish new research collaborations within Monash, explore funding opportunities and conduct new trials to continue to build the evidence base for nutritional health.
  • Place Monash at the cutting-edge of research and translation in nutrition and dietetics by partnering with our world-class, cross-disciplinary researchers.
  • Support Monash-owned retailers to become active participants in novel nutrition research initiatives.
  • Promote research findings globally through academic-retail-university partnerships.