About Us

Mission Statement

The Monash Institute for Health and Clinical Education was established in May 2016 to provide innovative and contemporary continuing education for professionals in healthcare delivery, education, and administration. Our programs extend locally and internationally, throughout the vast and well established Monash network.

Vision Statement

Healthcare delivery, education, and governance are continually evolving. Opportunities to broaden knowledge, improve skills, and challenge existing processes are essential to continued quality implementation across the spectrum of health and social care. Our goal is to provide contemporary, innovative, and practically relevant courses for all health professionals.

Through our short and award course offerings and our local and international community of practice, we bring together clinicians, educators, and administrators in courses tailored to their specific needs. Our programs extend across a broad range of health professions, and cater to early, mid-career, and executive level healthcare professionals. As we develop, we will offer a wide range of high quality and focused continuing education courses and workshops in several thematic streams catering to healthcare professionals wishing to broaden or enhance their skills, or keep up to date with new developments in their chosen discipline. Through innovative thinking with like-minded people, our vision it to promote transformative change to health across the clinical, educational, and administrative spheres of healthcare.


Watch our scholar and faculty testimonials from our Leadership and Innovation in Health course held earlier this year