Technology for Education in Clinical Healthcare (EdTech)

Learners of today have a different relationship with technology than you may have. The digital landscape provides exciting opportunities for educators to embrace the EdTech movement, and to create learning modules that can excite and motivate your learners. The implementation of technology in our teaching often involves thinking very differently about our current educational practices and imagining new ways of working.

During this fully online 12-week course, with 8 weeks of active learning, you will learn about and apply commonly used and intuitive technologies that will assist you to creatively and effectively design your teaching activities, and to optimise their educational value to your students and trainees. We will consider the importance of human cognitive processing in eLearning and cover basic principles of educational design.

Our goal is that you play, explore, and have fun with the technology so that you are comfortable to incorporate the technologies effectively into your teaching from day one of the course.

*In 2020 we transitioned this enthusiastically received face-to-face course into a fully online platform. Select the 2020 video to view our most recent scholars' testimonials.

Who should attend

This course is designed for health care educators interested in applying visual and social media, interactivity, video production and editing, gamification, and a range of other technologies to their educational practices in the university or clinical setting. It provides them with the skills needed to make use of current technology and social media tools to support teaching and learning. Participants learn how to use technology to create learning environments and materials that consider cognition and learning principles and therefore optimise learning. No prior experience with technology is necessary.

Learning outcomes

  • Design a range of technology enhanced learning artefacts such as short videos, adding interactivity to videos, infographics, audio recordings, animations, and flashcards.
  • Apply cognitive science and educational design principles to the design of your EdTech modules.
  • Evaluate the ability of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Implement appropriate use of technology to enhance learning activities inside and outside the classroom.
  • Use social media to engage your learners.

Accelerate your qualification

Eligible participants who complete the assessed version of this short course can receive 6 credit points towards the M4009 Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education.

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Frequently asked questions


Technology for Education in Clinical Healthcare (EdTech) is approved for 80 ACEM CPD hours

This course in accredited for 22.5 hours of various CICM CPD categories including Category 1B: Active or Interactive Self Learning – 2 points per hour, Category 2B: Active or Interactive Small Group Learning - 2 points per hour, Category 4A: Teaching and Training – 1 point per hour and Category 5B: Personal Advancement – 1 point per hour.