Dreamtime Yarn

The William Cooper Institute is delighted to welcome the Monash community to our Dreamtime Yarn, hosted by a First Nations special guest, Jade Kennedy.

The session will form our contribution to Diversity and Inclusion Week (14–18 September), which celebrates our diverse community and strengthens our inclusive culture. It’s about helping to create an environment of involvement, respect and connection through sharing and learning from one another.

Dreamtime or Dreaming for Australian Aboriginal people represents the time when the Ancestral Spirits progressed over the land and created life and important physical geographic formations and sites. The past of the Spirit Ancestors lives on through First Nations stories, art, ceremony and songs.

We encourage you to take part in this rare opportunity to hear Ancestral stories about the land that we are fortunate enough to call home.

Date: 17 September
Time: 10–11am
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We look forward to seeing you there.

Meet Jade

Jade Kennedy is an artist, sports player, teacher, sole trader and Father. He was born on Mothers Noongar boodja, kinship connected to Wajak, Yuat and Kaartdijin. Jade grew up on the Murray River, upon his Great grand fathers country of the Tatti-Tatti clan within the North-West Kulin Nation.

Jade took to art, early whilst attending primary school, learning and seeking inspiration from all art forms, from Indigenous art to the Renaissance style, and even the modern contemporary and diverse pop culture.

Jade has worked on many Reconciliation Action plans, including Athletics Australia, Victorian Public Sector Commission Aboriginal Employment Strategies, Bain & Company and now currently working on the RAP statement for Coates Hire.

He loves working in the schools, producing murals and social networking with teachers, whilst answering student queries towards cultural awareness and understanding of First Nation Peoples of Australia.

He's currentlly on the board of directors at the Victorian Aboriginal Corporative for Languages, whilst also working part-time as Arts and Events Project Officer for VACL.

He also started the Dindi Thanggi Kuli (River Country People) Dance group and looks forward to returning to the Murray River to continue his cultural practices.