Catch our Dreamtime Yarn at Diversity and Inclusion Week

We're delighted to invite the Monash community to join us for Dreamtime stories.

The session will form our contribution to Diversity and Inclusion Week (14–18 September), which celebrates our diverse community and strengthens our inclusive culture. It’s about helping to create an environment of involvement, respect and connection through sharing and learning from one another.

Please join us on a cultural journey into the Dreamtime. You'll be immersed in Dreamtime stories shared by a First Nations special guest.

Dreamtime or Dreaming for Australian Aboriginal people represents the time when the Ancestral Spirits progressed over the land and created life and important physical geographic formations and sites.The past of the Spirit Ancestors which live on in the legends are handed down through stories, art, ceremony and songs.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity not to be missed.

Date: 17 September
Time: 10–11am
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