New cultural awareness modules for students

In 2022, the University will officially launch a new program titled 'Indigenous Australian Voices' for Monash’s students, comprising four modules that are designed to equip all students with an understanding of Indigenous knowledges, cultures and contemporary issues.

This program is an introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia, and has been developed by the William Cooper Institute. It fulfils the University’s commitment made in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Framework to equip all students with an opportunity to understand the rich and complex histories of the lands on which we study, work and live. It also acknowledges the First Nations' peoples whose lands our campuses are on and includes insights and experiences from First Nations students who study at Monash University, Indigenous academics and local Indigenous Elders.

Ahead of the official launch, access to the program is open for students who wish to engage with the content now, and the William Cooper Institute is accepting confidential feedback from those who complete the modules via Moodle. Students who wish to complete all four modules now, will not be required to complete them again following the official launch.

These modules are also open to staff, who may wish to complete them to familiarise themselves with the structure and content to increase their capability to build from this program inside of their curriculum activities.

Led by the work of the William Cooper Institute, Monash is driving an ambitious agenda to make a leading national and international contribution to Indigenous advancement.

Overview of Indigenous Australian Voices Program

Comprising four online modules, each will take approximately 40 - 50 minutes to complete.

Module 1: Living and working on the land of the Kulin Nations
Students will learn who Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are, and in particular, the people of the Kulin nations, the Aboriginal people who are the traditional owners of the lands of the greater Melbourne region.

Module 2: A Journey Through Time
Students will learn about the oldest living culture in the world having been on these lands for over 60,000 years. Students will also be introduced to some of the key events for Indigenous peoples since the arrival of the British in 1788, including the social, political and historical events of Australia's past that continue to shape our nation today.

Module 3: Here and Now
Students will learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in contemporary Australia and how the past has impacted the present and will continue to impact the future

Module 4: Becoming an Agent of Change
Introduces students to the practical ways that each individual can begin to be an agent of change for and with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and our communities.

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