Student Spotlight: Heath Jonker

Heath applied for our Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP), with hopes to transition into the Bachelor of Paramedicine at Monash University. Despite the disruption of multiple lockdowns (meaning remote learning at home), and living quite far from campus, Heath displayed a remarkable level of dedication and commitment  by attending all tutoring sessions and obtaining HDs across all units. Heath has successfully completed MIAP and will be transitioning into the Bachelor of Paramedicine at Monash University with 3 credit points under his belt. We spoke with Heath about his time in MIAP. See below.

Name, Mob, Course

Heath Stuart Jonker, Barkindji, Paramedicine.

How was your experience with MIAP? What was the best part of the program?

The Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP) was an excellent introduction to higher education, particularly for me who hasn’t been in a classroom environment for 8 years. MIAP allowed me to slowly transition into the learning space with an understanding that I needed to work hard individually, whilst at the same time knowing I have the full support of the William Cooper Institute and Monash College and Monash University.

The best part of the program was being able to learn independently again for the first time in a long time, but knowing that if I was struggling there was support there if I needed it. This ongoing support made the MIAP program very enjoyable and made for a stress free learning experience and helped provide a strong foundation for my future study endeavours.

Any words of advice for anyone considering MIAP?

If you are a person considering MIAP my advice would be to go for it! This program is a fantastic way to get a taste of university life whilst being supported throughout your whole experience. The William Cooper Institute team is extremely supportive and will help tailor a learning experience to your learning abilities and future goals.