Support while you study online

University study looks a little different this year. That's why we've tailored our academic support services so that you can access them online.

The Indigenous Academic Enhancement Program (IAEP)

The IAEP is a federally funded scheme aimed at enhancing Indigenous students' success in their tertiary education. It provides one on one tutoring for each subject (2 hours per subject per week). Usually, these sessions occur at the private study space of the William Cooper Institute, however since students have moved to an online mode of study, so too have the tutoring sessions.

Drop in tutors

The William Cooper Institute, through the support of the Monash Library, engages drop-in tutors that sit in the study space. Drop-in tutors are available to help students with more general study assistance e.g. referencing, essay writing - in addition to the discipline-specific tutoring available. These sessions have now been made available via Zoom.

Student materials support

Ordering and provision of prescribed textbooks and study materials (i.e. uniforms if they are studying at MNHS)

Student letters and academic transcripts

If students can’t complete an assessment task or exam due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control, they may apply for special consideration. The William Cooper Institute can provide Indigenous students with a letter as a supporting document for their application.

The William Cooper Institute also provides Indigenous students with a complementary copy of their academic transcript for internships, etc. during their course.

Scholarship advice

Monash University provides a range of scholarships for Indigenous students. The William Cooper Institute informs students when applications open each semester and advises on the eligibility criteria for these scholarships.

Regular check-in service from William Cooper Institute staff

Since Monash moved to an online mode of content delivery, the William Cooper Institute have implemented several initiatives to maximise their study success and connection to the University and their peers.

The William Cooper Institute has established a phone service, managed by the Manager of Indigenous Student Services team, to make weekly phone calls (or fortnightly depending on student preference) to Indigenous students from across the University (including pathway, undergraduate, postgraduate and HDR).

These calls have enabled William Cooper Institute staff to check-in on study progress, any challenges that may be emerging and to just help students feel connected to the Institute whilst learning remotely.

Online mental health sessions

The William Cooper Institute have partnered with staff from the Turner Institute to run a series of online (via Zoom) mental health sessions for students.

Graduate employability networking

WCI hosts a range of networking opportunities for our graduating and recent graduates. Our aim is to provide a platform where students are able to hear first hand of any opportunity, internship, or scholarship available.

Study Skill workshops

The William Cooper Institute, in collaboration with Monash Library Staff, hosts targeted online sessions to help Indigenous students with exam preparation and study skills.