Finding accommodation

Whether you’re planning to live on campus or in a share house with friends, we can help you find somewhere to call home. Applications for accommodation are made through Monash Residential Services.

Peninsula and Clayton Campuses have both studio and shared apartments, while Caulfield and Parkville have off-campus options near each campus.

On-campus accommodation

We have a few on-campus accommodation options for our students, depending on where you’re studying. These include:

  • The Halls of Residence (Clayton)
  • Normanby House (Clayton)
  • The South-east Flats (Clayton)
  • Peninsula Residences

Applications for Monash Residential Services normally open in October for the following year.

Find out more about on-campus accommodation.

Off-campus accommodation

You can use our off-campus accommodation service to help navigate the process of finding a residence.

Real estate agents around our campuses.

Find out more about off-campus accommodation.

Monash Residential Services Scholarships

We're proud to provide our students with financial support, you should consider applying for a scholarship to assist with moving and living expenses.