Finding accommodation

Whether you’re planning to live on-campus or in a share house with friends, we can help you find somewhere to call home. Applications for on-campus accommodation are made through Monash Residential Services.

Peninsula and Clayton campuses have both studios and shared apartments, while Caulfield and Parkville have off-campus options near each campus.

On-campus accommodation

We have a number of on-campus accommodation options for our students, including:

  • Clayton campus
    • Traditional Halls of Residence
    • Shared flats
    • Self-contained studio apartments
  • Peninsula campus
    • Shared houses/units
    • Self-contained studio apartments

Find out more about on-campus accommodation.

Mannix College

Mannix College is another option for our students. Located only a few hundred metres from Monash Clayton campus, Mannix offers a comfortable residential experience which includes meals, tutoring and pastoral care.

Find out more about Mannix College accommodation options.

Off-campus accommodation

You can use our off-campus accommodation service to help navigate the process of finding off-campus accommodation.

Accommodation scholarships

We're proud to provide our students with financial support, you should consider applying for a scholarship to assist with moving and living expenses.