Webinar : “Indonesia and Australia:SDG’s Supported Sustainable Economic Transformation" - 17 May 2022

Monash University, Indonesia in collaboration with Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative (XSPI) conducted webinar on “Indonesia and Australia:SDG’s Supported Sustainable Economic Transformation" Tuesday, 17 May 2022

This is the second series out of four that will be conducted throughout this year from Monash University, Indonesia in collaboration with XSPI related to the how Indonesia and Australia could achieve more through partnering, collaborating and cooperating to assist each other achieve the SDGs including by harnessing the combined strengths of government, the business sector, NGOs, academia and philanthropy/private capital.

We are pleased to share that we have following speakers and moderators lined up:

Professor Andrew MacIntyre, President, Monash University Indonesia

Saul Eslake, Independent Economist Principal of Corrina Economic Advisory

Kylie Porter, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Australia

Judy Anderson, National Vice-President, AIBC

Prof. Dr. Bustanul Arifin, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Lampung

Chris Buckingham, CEO, LaTrobe Valley Authority

Muchtazar, Sustainability Manager, Nickel Mines Limited

Dr. Sarah Gultom, Assistant Professor Business Innovation, Monash University Indonesia

Jeff Parker, Managing Director of JP Consulting & Chairman, Healthcare Group, AIBC

Even Alex Chandra, AVP of External Affairs, Shipper

Helen Brown, the Head of Communications and Outreach, The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Devi Ariyani, Executive Director, Indonesia Services Dialogue Council

Dr. Dan Evans, Founding Chair, Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative (XSPI)

Kevin Evans, Indonesian Director of Australia Indonesia Centre

Dr. Nia Sarinastiti, Accenture Development Partnerships Lead in Indonesia, Accenture


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About this Webinar

In the wake of the end of the resources boom, Indonesia’s economy has been undergoing some important changes. With Indonesia assuming the Chair of the G20 in 2022, the country has signalled it will focus on three big issues. These consist of health resilience, the digital transformation and the energy transformation. Likewise, Australia’s economy is facing similar challenges. This webinar will explore the wider implications of both countries regional (including energy) and digital transformations.

Indonesia and Australia face several remarkably similar regional and energy related dynamics and challenges. Currently fossil fuels predominate the energy mix of countries and both are also significant fossil fuel exporters led by coal. Royalties and taxes provide significant resources for some regions in their countries and much less for others. The challenges of an energy transformation in these countries will be significant. Likewise, both countries are transitioning to digital economies. These simultaneous transitions create unique social and economic impacts and opportunities in different communities across the countries.

What are the likely impacts of these developments on the prospects for each country to achieve its SDG targets? What kind of official policy options and other community and corporate initiatives can be undertaken to better guarantee these transformations are positive