Partnering for impact

As digitisation and innovation within the food system becomes more prevalent, so too does the breadth and depth of industry participants. From early stage food tech startups to the next frontier in plant genomics, the AgTech value chain is broad and complex. That’s why at Monash we understand that no one solution suits everyone.

Here are some of the ways to work with us:

Collaborative partnerships

Delivering across many disciplines, Monash brings a holistic, multifaceted and novel approach to help our corporate partners to achieve their ambitions. Together we find short and long-term solutions to enable lasting positive change - for a more sustainable, ethical, safe, diverse and innovative future.

There are many ways that we can do this both through driving commercial outcomes by growing partnership initiatives (as outlined below), into multi year multifaceted programs, or corporate philanthropy.

By getting the detail of our partnership right, we ensure the most beneficial intersection of investment, impact and improved conditions to unlock you partnership’s maximum potential.

Partnership initiatives

Here are some of the ways through which we partner with businesses both large and small.

Solving challenges through research

Monash is a university that has always reached out and engaged with the community. We recognise that high-quality research is not truly excellent until it’s applied and has led to a positive change in people’s lives.

Our researchers can deliver meaningful solutions to current global problems. We share these capabilities with our commercial partners and investors to maximise their impact and create a better world.

For more information, you can discover our researchers here.

Licence our technologies

Monash University and our industry partners have a successful history of building new products and services. Our achievements stem from our expertise and enthusiasm. We’re energised by potential solutions, no matter how big or how small.

You can find out more information about our licensing model here.

Startup support

At The Generator we help turn ideas into reality. Drawing on the strengths and talents of Monash, staff, students and alumni, we help you to build out your business. Our growing community connects talented people who are interested in making change through events, training and resources, as well as our competitive accelerator program.

The opportunities to grow your startup can take you down many different pathways, and we can assist with navigating through your options and set you up in the right direction through our broader community.

Find out more information about our entrepreneur programs here.

Executive Education

Give your organisation a competitive edge with professional courses from one of the world’s leading business schools. We’ll work with you to support the people influencing your business – helping them make better decisions, think more creatively and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

For more information visit the Monash Business School.

Talent access

With 75,000 students across 10 faculties, Monash’s talent bank is sizeable. We have dedicated programs to support student development and help you find your next hire. Programs range from part time during semesters or short term deployments, right up to full year placements for undergraduate students. We have many talent programs across our faculties, so connect with us below if you need assistance with reaching the right team.

For graduate placements, Monash Talent can help you access the right skill set for your business need.

Contact us

If you’d like to connect with Monash to investigate partnering opportunities, please fill out our contact form or email us at We’re happy to discuss opportunities with you.