Getting started

The next ARC Linkage Projects round will open for proposals in September 2014.

How it works

The ARC Linkage Projects Scheme provides the primary cash funding for the project. Partner organisations are required to provide a mix of cash and in-kind support (note, some exemptions apply). If multiple partners are involved, one may provide the cash and the other the in-kind support. The total commitment must at least match the total ARC funding requested. And, as a partner, you may also be eligible for the Australian Government's R&D tax incentive.

Who can apply?

Almost all public, private, community, government and not-for-profit organisations (both Australian and overseas) are eligible. Special conditions apply for organisations that are  primarily funded for research or research-related activities by government.

When can I apply?

Contact Monash now to find out how to get started.

Sharon Aburn
Project Officer
Telephone +61 39905 9534
Fax  +61 9905 9911

How much do partners need to contribute?

Specific details for the next round are available at Linkage Projects Funding Rules.

As a guide the  funding rules are:

  • Minimum ARC funding request of $50,000 and maximum of $300,000 per year
  • Project duration of between two to five years

Partner organisations are required to at least match the amount sought from the ARC through cash and in-kind support and  at least 25 per cent of the matching funding must be cash (note some special conditions and exemptions apply).

For example:

If $100,000 in funding is requested from the ARC, then the Partner  Organisations must also collectively contribute $100,000. At least $25,000 must be cash, with the balance to be  in-kind.