Arc Linkage Project success stories

Zoos Victoria and Monash University



Victoria Police and Monash University

Victoria Police is using its partnership with Monash University to help them counter terrorism and violent extremism.

Assistant Commissioner, Steve Fontana, is a former head of Victoria Police's Counter Terrorism unit. He talked about the benefits of linking with Monash.

Steve Fontana, Victoria Police
The research has helped us understand how we should be engaging and connecting with the community.

"The unit is looking at community attitudes towards terrorism. The project is helping us develop a better understanding of the causes of radicalisation and extremism."

"We were also able to draw on the national and international perspectives Monash has developed through their global counter terrorism research centre. We've been able to draw on their networks. That has been fantastic."

As a result of the ongoing project, Victoria Police is trialling a number of programs.

"It's about recognising there are vulnerable people out there, a lot of vulnerable sections of the community and unfortunately some of those sections become overrepresented in violent crime and it's a real struggle for those communities to come to terms with it."

"We're just trying to break the cycle."

FE Technologies and Monash University

This scheme helps companies advance new product development by giving them access to cutting edge technologies.

Our relationship with the researchers has been good and its worked really well. Its important that we get commercial outcomes. Which they support.

For FE Technologies, it accelerated their development of new Radio Frequency Identification tags.

As Robert Reed explained, “RFID tags are intelligent bar codes. Retailers see the benefits. But the cost of the tag can be restrictive.”

“To make the tags available to more people, they needed to develop a new kind of tag, and a new tag reader.”
Enter Monash and Dr Nemai Karmaker. Robert was impressed. “Six weeks after agreeing to work together we’d put in a successful ARC grant application. The University did most of the work on that, which worked pretty well.”

The ongoing project is separated into two principal areas. FE Technologies is concentrating on the research and development on the conductive inks and the production methods by which the tags will be produced. Monash has the responsibility of developing the reader.