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A/Prof Alan Dorin

Machine Learning Optimisation Human Computer Interaction

Alan’s main interests revolve around artificial life, ecological modelling, biologically-inspired electronic media art and generative art. He researches the ways in which technology assists discovery in the ecological sciences and in human creativity.

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A/Prof Joseph Liu

Machine Learning Optimisation

Joseph is an associate professor in the Faculty of Information Technology and is currently the lead of the cyber security team in the Faculty and the director of the blockchain research lab. He has won the ICT researcher of the year award in 2018 from the Australian Computer Society and is also on the advisory board of the blockchain cryptocurrency Hcash as collaboration between Monash and Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Collinstar.

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A/Prof Steven Micklethwaite

(Bio)sensors and Autonomous systems Thermal Processing Technologies Machine Learning

Steven Micklethwaite is Director of the Monash Drone Discovery Platform, which combines drones, advanced remote sensing equipment (e.g. LiDAR, thermal, hyperspectral) and data analytics for the sciences, engineering and arts. He has a strong background in interdisciplinary collaborations and academic-industry partnerships from which new innovations are developed.

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A/Prof Tim Dwyer

Data Visualisation Optimisation

Tim is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Information Technology and Associate Dean of External Engagement with key interests in information visualisation and visual analytics.

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Dr Chao Chen

Robotics Machine Learning

Dr Chen directs The Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis (LMGA) which conducts applied researches in autonomous agriculture robots and fundamental researches on motion analysis and robotics.

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Dr Christoph Rudiger

Atmospheric and hydrological modelling Climate

Christoph is particularly interested in the use of remote sensing platforms for the monitoring of land surface parameters and their interactions for the prediction of extreme events, such as a droughts and wildfires, and their subsequent impact in agricultural applications.

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Dr Francois Petitjean

Machine Learning Climate

Francois is Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning and the recipient of an ARC DECRA fellowship. He obtained his PhD in 2012 with the French Space Agency on the automatic analysis of satellite images, PhD for which I received "Best Science PhD" from the University of Strasbourg and "Best Machine Learning PhD" from the French Machine Learning Association.

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Dr Matt Piper


Dr Piper’s research interests include work on the fruit fly to understand how the interaction between an organism, nutrition and its environment works. The research involves implementing strategies to alter their ability to seek out, consume, absorb and metabolise various nutrients in a manner that is sensitive to their nutritional history as well as current and perceived future experiences.

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Mr Andreas Hamacher

Data Visualisation

Andreas is a software developer with a history in scientific visualisation applications and research. He worked to operate a CAVE system and helps researchers apply visualisation and VR methods to their fields.

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Prof Antonio Patti

Soil Chemistry

Tony’s research areas of interest are in the chemistry and applications of natural organic matter including food production/consumption, production of chemicals from biomass, chemistry of soil organic matter and the application of green chemistry in agriculture.

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Prof Bernd Meyer


Bernd is a Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology and works in computational ecology, where he develops mathematical and computational models for the interactions of organisms with their environment. Most of his work is centred on the collective behaviour of social insects in the hope that a deeper understanding of their behaviour will allow us to better protect them and their ecosystem.

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Prof Cordelia Somoluya

(Bio)sensors and Autonomous systems

Cordelia is leading the Biotechnology and Food Engineering group with an internationally recognised reputation in drying technology research. Her works with the dairy industry have been highlighted in Chemical Processing, Monash Magazine, and internationally (Science Daily, ABC International, etc).

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Prof Douglas MacFarlane

Climate Food Chemistry Soil Chemistry

Professor MacFarlane's main work focuses on the developments and application of ionic liquids and new materials for a range of applications in green chemistry and biotechnology. His expertise also lies in energy storage devices applications, which include the design of electro-chemical devices to generate carbon-free ammonia. Such a device has the potential to offer onsite, or online generation of fertilisers from renewables.

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Prof Elizabeth Croft

Robotics (Bio)sensors and Autonomous Systems Human Computer Interaction

Professor Croft is recognised as an expert in the field of human robotic interaction. As principal investigator for a world class robotics lab, she has successfully led large-scale collaborative research projects utilising robots in manufacturing.

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Prof Geoff Webb

Machine Learning

Geoff is a leading data scientist and the only Australian to have been Program Committee Chair of the two leading Data Mining conferences, ACM SIGKDD and IEEE ICDM. He is the author of the Magnum Opus commercial data mining software package.

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Prof Jeffrey Walker

(Bio)sensors and Autonomous systems Atmospheric and Hydrological Modelling Optimisation

Professor Walker is currently undertaking research on soil moisture remote sensing and data assimilation, including development of the only Australian airborne capability for simulating new satellite missions for soil moisture. He is contributing to soil moisture satellite missions at both NASA and ESA, as a Science Team member for the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission and Cal/val Team member for the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission respectively.

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Prof Marc Parlange

Atmospheric and hydrological modelling

Professor Parlange is recognised internationally for his expertise in hydrology and fluid mechanics in the environment. His contributions primarily relate to regional scale water resources research, evaporation, soil physics, field campaigns and the simulation of air and water flows over complex terrain.

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Prof Mark Wallace

Optimisation Human Computer Interaction

Professor Wallace is a leader in discrete optimisation in the Faculty of Information Technology. He is passionate about modelling and optimisation and the benefits they bring with his focus both in industry and University being on application-driven research and development.

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Prof Nico Voelker

(Bio)sensors and Autonomous systems Thermal Processing Technologies Membrane Research & Biofilters

Nico is the Director of the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication and he frequently works with industry on projects involving materials and coating technologies including membranes and sensors. Nico’s own research interest include the development of chemo- and biosensors for applications in environmental monitoring, food quality as well as veterinary and human medical diagnostics.

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Prof Roslyn Gleadow

Climate Nutrigenomics

Ros researches the effect of climate change on food security with a focus on plants that make cyanide such as sorghum, clover and cassava and cause diseases in humans and animals. She uses biotechnology, automated phenotyping, and classical field and greenhouse experimental systems.

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Prof Tom Drummond

Robotics Machine Learning

Tom has a BA(Hons) in mathematics and a MA (University of Cambridge) as well as a PhD in Computer Science (Curtin University). His main research output currently consists of robotics.

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Prof Xiwang Zhang

Membrane Research and Biofilters Thermal Processing Technologies Advanced Oxidation Technologies

Professor Zhang is a professor in the department of chemical engineering at Monash and was awarded the prestigious ARC Australian Research Fellowship in 2010 and awarded the Larkins Fellowship in 2012 by Monash University. His main research interest focus is on membrane and advanced oxidation technology research for water and wastewater treatment.

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