Microfluidic Spray Drying

The Biotechnology and Food Engineering group, led by Prof Cordelia Selomulya, has an internationally recognised reputation in drying technology research and is home to the only facility in Australia for functional particle assembly via microfluidic spray drying. The unique spray dryer can be used to synthesise other types of particles, including thermal sensitive and bioactive particles, microparticles for controlled release and microencapsulation, magnetic and fluorescent composites, and mesoporous microspheres with hierarchical structures and properties superior to those observed on nanomaterials. The method is scalable and is potentially a cost effective, energy and material-efficient route to produce high quality powders with better functionality and ease of handling.

This technology is an integral part of Professor Cordelia Selomulya’s ongoing collaborations with Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Agrocampus Ouest (France), Dairy Research Institute (US), South Dakota State University, several Chinese universities (Soochow, Xiamen, Fudan, Nanchang) and companies (Kingdomway Group, Guangzhou Ling Nan Intel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd, 3M, P&G, etc).

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