Soil Moisture Remote Sensing

The global measurement of soil moisture is vital to understand the global water, energy and carbon cycles that play an important role in agriculture, hydrology and meteorology.  In-situ soil moisture measurements are often spatially and temporally too sparse. The general infeasibility of sustaining a large in-situ soil moisture monitoring network and limitation of numerical model prediction has led to retrieval of soil moisture from remote sensing technology.

Remote sensing using L-band radiometer has become generally accepted as the most accurate of the soil moisture remote sensing methods, due to its stronger and more direct connection between the observed brightness temperature and the surface soil moisture.

The goal of this research is the development of soil moisture retrieval model using L-band radiometer. Aircraft- and tractor-based platforms will be compared to assess their suitability together with the L-band radiometer to capture the soil moisture. Ground sampling will be used to validate the accuracy of remote sensed soil moisture.

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