Sustainable filtration technologies

Monash is the HQ of the recently launched ARC Hub of Energy Efficient Separation, led by Professor Xiwang Zhang. The ARC EESep Hub is a critical “one-stop-shop” to solve pressing industry problems in separation.

The aim of the Hub is to advance the capabilities of separation technology developers in the manufacturing process of advanced separation materials and equipment to become world-leading technology providers in separation technologies. This will lead to the transformation of key end users of separation technologies (water, mining, chemical, oil and gas) to be more energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and environmentally sustainable.

Current research goals of the Hub include the creation of high-performance, precisely designed separation materials including membranes, adsorbents and resins through the integration of low-dimensional nanomaterials (1D, 2D and 3D materials). The Hub aims to demonstrate innovative applications of new separation materials and equipment at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6-7 and Commercial Readiness Index of 3+, so that industry can scale up and construct full scale plants that are critical for Australian industries and SMEs. Importantly, the Hub will train a high-skilled workforce with rich knowledge of materials synthesis, equipment manufacturing and process design for Australian separation-related industries.

To learn more about the Hub, visit ARC Research Hub of Energy Efficient Separation.

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