3D Geological Modelling – The Loop project

The Loop Geoscience project is developing technologies developing technologies to mitigate 3D geological risk in resource management.

The project is developing technologies to mitigate 3D geological risk in both exploration and resources management through the innovative application of mathematical methods, structural geology concepts and cutting-edge probabilistic programming.

The outcomes will fundamentally improve our understanding of 3D geological modelling capability and the outcome will be an open 3D modelling platform available to the public, industry and decision makers.

Loop workflow diagram

The Loop workflow: an open source 3D probabilistic geological modelling platform to mitigate 3D geological uncertainty.  The platform will integrate field geological data with geophysical modelling to generate consistent 3D models from the mine scale to the plate scale and including geological problems, related to resources exploration and management in urban geology settings, basins geology environments and poly-deformed metamorphic terranes.

These new methods will enable 3D geological modelling in all types of geological environments from urban geology, to basins to polydeformed metamorphic terranes as well as assessing and mitigating geological uncertainty. These will provide enhanced capability to model the subsurface, characterise model uncertainty and test multiple geological scenarios.

This enhanced capability is extremely important for the future of Australia's subsurface management, including urban geology and our continuously growing sustainable resources industry (including water) and will facilitate decision making for government organisations as well as the resources industries.

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