Drones and analytics for exploration and analysis

Using drones to inspect opencast mine
Using drones to inspect opencast mine

Monash researchers are bringing together AI with LIDAR, hyperspectral SWIR, thermal and digital cameras to bring about the next-generation of industry optimisation.

Our drones, advanced sensors and smart analytics are being used to map surfaces in 3D, characterise geology extract environmental baseline and change data or help with monitoring infrastructure.

We provide high resolution measurements ideal for open pits, outcrops, and underground mines and have developed systems to rapidly analyse the large datasets.

Our facilities are equipped with drones that fly for up to 4 hours and a large range of sensors, including thermal, laser range finding, digital camera, multi- and hyperspectral imaging, gas monitoring and L-band radar. Together with these sensors we combine smart methods for analysing large datasets in order to assist with extracting the most from the data.

By continually seeking to push the boundaries, we also have development projects which include drones that fly autonomously underground, drone mapping of stopes, faces, infrastructure and tunnel walls, and aeromagnetic surveys by swarms of drones.

Our Masters of Science program covers training in drones, digital mapping and data analysis. We also deliver short courses that equip professionals in photogrammetry and data analysis, and we run regular training that leads to pilot qualifications (CASA RePL).

Monash has one of the largest data science research teams in the southern hemisphere and has become one of the leading institutions in cybersecurity, block chain technology and software engineering. We lead the world in the area of immersive analytics, which addresses how we, as humans, can interact better with data.

Areas of expertise:

  • Exploration and mine geology
  • Photogrammetry and analysis
  • Immersive analytics
  • Deep learning
  • Pilot training
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cybersecurity

Contact us

Associate Professor Steven Micklethwaite
E: steven.micklethwaite@monash.edu