An interpretation of complex geology (top) using integrated aeromagnetics and high resolution gravity data (bottom)

Our team works across multiple scales of the mineral system to assist with everything from project generation and deposit discovery to near mine resources in greenfields, mature terranes and under cover environments.

We combine structural geology, tectonics, geodynamic modelling, metamorphic and igneous petrology, geochronology and isotope geochemistry to understand where fluids, magmas and metals are sourced from, their principal pathways through the crust and how they concentrate. Our structural geology and geology-from-geophysics interpretation teams are the largest in Australia. We have particular strengths in novel predictive techniques, 3D visualisation of data and the application of drone sensing with analysis tools.

Our experience ranges across all the precious, critical and base metal commodities (iron, copper, gold, lead, zinc, rare earth elements, nickel etc). We provide research projects, professional training and consultancies, and we have one of the largest undergraduate intakes in the country for Earth Science departments. We also deliver a novel Masters of Science program designed to make students ready for the industry of the future which takes students from project generation through to discovery, and includes content on digital mapping, application of drones, remote sensing, geophysical modelling, 3D visualisation and applied geochemistry.

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Associate Professor Steven Micklethwaite
E: steven.micklethwaite@monash.edu

Associate Professor Peter Betts
E: peter.betts@monash.edu.