Intelligent mines: Using technology for insights, efficiencies and security

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Monash blockchain technology expert, Dr Joseph Liu

Monash University has internationally recognised experts leading research in the areas of data science, cybersecurity, computer-human interaction and organisational and social informatics.

We lead Australia in the fields of software engineering, optimisation and block-chain research and have the largest group of data scientists of any research institute in the Asia-Pacific region.

From forecasting to maximising machine availability, through to optimising dragline operations and predictive maintenance of mining machines, our data science research team is experienced in providing insights and improving efficiency of mining operations. There is a significant opportunity for predictive maintenance and less downtime by using IoT-enabled equipment and creating statistics-based predictive analytics tools to estimate the probability of expensive failures before they happen.

While cybersecurity is obviously fundamental to guarantee security and safety of current and future mining operations, recent developments have the potential to change the way resources systems are built, and require an adapted view on resilience and security.

Our research focuses on building a rigorous technical basis through the development of advanced cryptographic algorithms with provable security properties and inter-disciplinary research that validates new approaches in the context of threats and risks within particular application domains.

Areas of expertise:

Cybersecurity and systems

  • Cybersecurity: block chain technology, secure data storage in the cloud
  • Database systems: Internet of Things (IoT), big data, spatial databases
  • Software systems: software engineering, design, testing and validation

Data science

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Optimisation
  • Data analytics
  • Forecasting

Computer-human interaction and creativity

  • Data visualisation
  • Computational creativity
  • Assistive technologies
  • Human-centred mobile and multimodal-multisensor interfaces
  • Immersive analytics and applications of virtual and augmented reality
  • Human-centred artificial intelligence

Organisational and social informatics

  • Archives and recordkeeping
  • Digital transformation
  • ICT for socio-economic empowerment and healthcare
  • Decision support

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