Machine maintenance

Dragline on the open pit coal mine, Queensland, Australia.
Dragline on the open pit coal mine, Queensland, Australia.

The Maintenance Technology Institute (MTI) provides innovative and comprehensive industry focused research and development to achieve optimum plant and equipment performance across the mining and heavy engineering industries.

MTI has developed solutions for remote data acquisition and condition monitoring using the latest in mobile data communication technology. MTI is currently monitoring more than 50 draglines, 40 excavators, one reclaimer and two stackers in Australia and overseas. All data is streamed to Monash Clayton for detailed processing and safe storage.

Embedded algorithms provide instant feedback to operators to ensure safe and optimum operation of the machine. Monthly reports provide detailed assessment of each operator’s performance and information for overall management of the machine, including maintenance planning.

Detailed processing of data collected is used for a wide range of purposes including operational and production improvements; controlling undesirable loading on machines; assessment of operator performance; training of operators for maximising production while minimising damage to machines; and for providing an overview of machine performance to managers.

MTI is continuously researching to identify new and innovative ways of using continuous monitoring data to achieve operational, production, maintenance and management improvements.

Areas of expertise:

  • Operational and maintenance improvements
  • Monitoring of large equipment
  • Improving operator performance
  • Condition assessments
  • Capacity improvements
  • Life extension of aging equipment
  • Replacement strategies
  • Catastrophic failure investigations
  • New designs and design reviews

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