Mining rehabilitation

AGL's Loy Yang mine in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria
Monash researchers are working at AGL's Loy Yang mine site to examine the use of 'artificial soils' and how they interact with earthworms and plants

Monash has extensive cross-disciplinary capacity to develop strategic mine closure and rehabilitation solutions.

We work in partnership with the Australian mining industry to address complex economic, social and environmental, engineering, ecological, landscape, aesthetic and sustainability issues associated with the closure and rehabilitation of mining operations.

Addressing these challenges requires a multi-disciplinary research approach to ensure that proposed solutions are technically sound, whilst meeting the needs of the community, industry and government stakeholders.

The research and training being conducted across our faculties provide an in-depth and comprehensive expertise that can be harnessed to identify potential challenges, opportunities and solutions to mine closure and rehabilitation.

Our approach enables us to provide expertise across each component required in mine rehabilitation. It builds on the strengths of the diverse backgrounds and disciplines of Monash staff and translates the scientific results into practices that persistently improve the mine rehabilitation outcomes globally.

Areas of expertise:

  • Development of a cost-effective slope monitoring framework
  • Development and use of artificial soils
  • Design and performance monitoring of engineered earthen covers
  • Rock/soil mechanics
  • Soil physics and erosion
  • Surface and groundwater hydrology
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Geotechnical monitoring and slope stability
  • Landscape planning and remote sensing
  • Plan sciences and biodiversity
  • Socio-cultural community consultations
  • Geochemistry and soil chemistry
  • Probabilistic approaches for geotechnical site characterisation and slope stability analysis

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