Shaping mining railways

Transporting iron ore from the the Pilbrara region, Western Australia
Transporting iron ore from the the Pilbrara region, Western Australia

Since 2000, Monash's Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) has completed over 450 projects from more than 150 national and international railway entities.

IRT is the premier track and vehicle railway research centre in Australia and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in railway research and new technology development.

IRT has assisted to transform Australian heavy haul mining railways to be the benchmark in railways. It provides solutions to real problems, which are making a difference, creating greater efficiencies and ensuring safety across Australia’s multi-site mining railway systems.

As one of the main technology service providers to the heavy haul mining railway operators and leading mass transit railway systems across the globe, IRT provides a “one-stop” technology access point for the railway industry. IRT continues to look for ways to shape the future of railways, and through a greater focus on interdisciplinary research, now offers an expanded capability in response to the changing nature of global railway industry needs.

Working with Monash's network of internationally acclaimed researchers and practitioners, a group of Rail Research Associates are assisting IRT to deliver an expanded capability using innovative technologies grouped together in key thematic areas, including automation and robotics, sensor technology and materials and performance to meet industry’s current and future requirements.

Areas of expertise:

  • Track structure design and maintenance
  • Rail welding management and improvements
  • Vehicle and train instrumentation and performance monitoring
  • Component testing and qualification
  • Failure analysis
  • Wheel-rail interface design and management
  • Capacity increase
  • Maintenance planning and optimisation
  • Quality control and auditing
  • Standards development
  • Professional training

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