About the Precinct

The Monash Technology Precinct is the catalytic centre of the Monash Innovation Cluster. We are Victoria’s largest employment hub outside Melbourne CBD, only 23km away in Clayton, Victoria.

Map showing location of the PrecinctMonash University has been a driving force in Victoria’s innovation success story for decades.

From its early beginnings 60 years ago as a standalone technology university surrounded by paddocks through to today, where Monash University is the largest, forward-thinking and most international university in Australia.

Local and global impact through collaboration

We enable state- of-the-art research and development by driving the collaboration of our centres, platforms and facilities with key government and industry players.

It’s the combination of University know-how, research institutions, commercial partners and knowledge-based industries that delivers impact globally.

That impact is felt locally, with increased economic activity and research collaboration benefiting local communities.

Changing the world

For more than 60 years we have worked on ground-breaking discoveries which have improved the lives of millions of people.

We have translated research discoveries into tangible outcomes in areas ranging from next generation pharmaceutical products and medical therapeutics to automated machines and robotics.