Fostering talent

Our network of world-leading researchers and endless pool of academic and professional talent are ready to innovate.

As the world seeks to adapt to emerging challenges such as globalisation, digitisation and automation, Monash University educates and grows its pipeline of talent to be ahead of these new scientific and conceptual skills, and ready for industries of today and the future.

Our students engage directly with researchers on the latest ideas, across campuses and into a network of surrounding industry and businesses - ready to apply new knowledge to real-world problems. Learn more about the MITI program.

Researchers across the Precinct, among others from the University, ANSTO, CSIRO, the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication and Hudson Institute collaborate on the new breakthroughs and with industry to bring solutions to market. Learn more about the Graduate Research Industry Partnerships.

The Precinct is a magnet for talent because they get to collaborate with world-leading researchers and international industry partners such as ABB, Agilent Technologies, BHP Billiton, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Lockhead Martin, Pfizer and Woodside

The Precinct also supports our talent to be entrepreneurial, building out ideas into game-changing startups, deep-tech spinouts and social enterprises and support well as scale up those startups.  We help create and grow high-potential startups as part of the Precinct’s ecosystem. Learn more about Monash University's Startup Hub.

The Monash Technology Precinct has the talent and skills to support the invention of innovative solutions to real life problems.