Sustainable connected liveable

We are imagining a future that is more than a research and innovation hub.

The Precinct will be a vibrant and sustainable city centre, connecting recreation areas with facilities, and blending the natural and physical environments. Impact

We will continue and grow the number of ground-breaking discoveries and real-life impact as we make new connections and develop deep partnerships beyond the boundaries of the University.

Expanding our economic footprint with a sharp industry focus to guide investment, Victoria will see additional jobs and economic gains.

A sustainable community

Monash has always taken action to lead the way on creating the change we want to see, especially in tackling the impacts on our environment.

Monash University was the first Australian university to commit to an energy reduction target, with our Net Zero Initiative, and is leading the way as a living laboratory for sustainable, zero carbon, micro-grid innovation in collaboration with our Precinct partners

With major energy-efficiency measures in our buildings, moving away from gas to electrifying our campus and addressing our residual emissions through offsetting, the campus is showing how sustainable living can become the norm for communities.

We want to share the lessons of our energy transition to benefit other communities and help next generations to power a sustainable world.

A connected community

The Precinct will have an integrated transport system, with the state and federal governments already committing to rail projects that will connect people to the region’s jobs, services and lifestyle offerings, thus completing the list of ingredients for a successful modern business destination.

We see this, along, with our inviting co-working spaces, as a place where people can truly connect and thrive.

Our vision is for an enviable, quality lifestyle and a seamless, technically advanced connection to its immediate vicinity, the city around it, and to the rest of the world.