Biotech Resources

Biotech resources

Biotech Resources (BTR) is a Monash spin-out company formed to commercialise research outcomes of the Monash Centre for Biospectroscopy (MCfB).

BTR has purchased the exclusive license from Monash University to commercialise the portfolio of diagnostic assets developed by the MCfB. The diagnostic platform delivers a spectroscopy-based method and system for detection of disease agents in blood, providing a Point of Care multiplex assay that is rapid, more accurate and cost effective than current diagnostic tests. BTR is pursuing international trials and regulatory approval in specific regional markets. After completion, BTR aims to launch the diagnostic platform in the Australian market in early 2019.

BTR has been awarded almost $300,000 by the Federal Governement to develop a new test for the identification of pathogens that cause sepsis, in conjunction with MCfB, the Alfred Hospital, Monash Health, and Hydrix.

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