Capsugel - Drug delivery


A novel drug delivery technology, developed by researchers at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), was acquired by US-based Capsugel, a global leader in innovative dose-form development in early 2015. The technology uses lipid-like counter-ions to transform crystalline drugs into ionic liquids, leading to significant increases in drug solubility in certain formulations,  and is expected to result in reduced absorption variability, decreased excipient levels and reduced pill burden.

Capsugel acquired the intellectual property pertaining to the proprietary Ionic Liquid Technology and extended its existing research collaborations to accelerate development of the novel technology and future drug-delivery projects. Capsugel has a long history of collaboration with MIPS researchers  in lipid-based drug delivery science, including co-founding the ‘Lipid Formulation Classification System’ Consortium to advance and standardise evaluation protocols for lipid-based drug-delivery systems. The collaboration represents a valuable addition to Capsugel capabilities in designing  and developing innovative immediate and modified-release dosage forms.

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